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Looking after the environment is no longer a ‘nice to have’, it’s urgent and essential.  We are waking up to the critical importance of limiting the impact we have on our beautiful planet.

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do at Fresh Ground Films.  It’s a core part of our filmmaking ethos.   That’s why we love to champion organisations who take action to protect the environment. We help them to share their messages and demonstrate their innovative solutions to as many people as possible.  

Video storytelling is a powerful way to inspire and persuade your audience when it comes to environmental initiatives.   We need to protect the world we live in so that we can continue to enjoy it for generations to come.  Cinematic films breathe life and soul into these important messages in a way that can’t be achieved from the written word.  

It’s been our privilege to create environmental films for many incredible organisations over the years.  Here are just a few examples:

 Blown Away: 25 Years of Wind Power

The climate action charity, Possible, asked us to create a film to raise awareness about wind power by celebrating 25 years of this renewable energy source being used in the UK.   Our brief was to livestream a Q&A at Delabole, the UK’s first wind farm.   The film was also recorded for a launch presentation and sent to the government.

On the day of filming there were high winds, we had no access to power and questionable mobile signal.  But that’s all in a day’s work for Fresh Ground Films, we love a challenge!  And we particularly love filming outdoors in Cornwall, our beautiful neighbouring county.

Possible commissioned us for 3 further projects based on the success of our film. Take a look at it here

Westmill: The Community Owned Wind Farm

Westmill Wind Farm invited us to film their vibrant community event.  We wanted to capture their spirit and purpose amid the buzzy energy of the event.

We took a dynamic approach, switching between unrehearsed interviews and roaming filming.  This meant that we could capture all of the many magical and unexpected moments that occurred during the day.  Our expertise in discreet filming allowed us to blend into the action without disrupting it. We even managed to film inside a wind turbine which was an exciting first for us. 

The final video uses cinematic storytelling to blend documentary with promotional film.  It was used across multiple channels and campaigns thanks to its appealing imagery and style.

Take a look at the film here

London’s Lost Rivers

Possible briefed us to create a short-form film about the network of old rivers running beneath London and how they could provide a significant source of green heat for the capital.

It was a stifling 30-degrees on filming day in London which highlighted the need for climate change solutions. We deliberately packed light so we could move around London with ease on foot and using public transport (we always avoid using a car where possible) as we filmed sections of the lost rivers.  

We created an exciting video that brought the potential of the rivers to life. Have a watch here

One of our strengths at Fresh Ground Films is versatility and natural filmmaking – we always aim to blend into the story we’re telling in order to capture it truthfully.  We don’t overwhelm our interviewees or the natural surroundings with lots of bulky filming gear, noise or unnecessary crew members.  We put our clients at ease, offer subtle direction and guidance and let the story unravel in front of our lens.

When the natural world is your subject matter, the end result is always compelling. 

If you want us to create a film that inspires climate action, please get in touch.

Drop us a line to talk about your environmental video project:

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