At Fresh Ground Films we work closely with Higher Education clients like The University of Exeter.  We use our natural filmmaking style to showcase innovative new projects, state-of-the-art facilities and the passionate people at the heart of academic institutions.  

Effective marketing is more important than ever in the highly-competitive Higher Education space. There is increasing pressure to stand out from the crowd, while at the same time a need to connect with audiences and involve them in the conversation.  The accelerated transition to virtual events and interactions due to COVID only adds an extra element to contend with.

The Power of Video in Higher Education Marketing

When appealing to digital natives, video is an essential communications tool, particularly when speaking to a Gen Z audience, more at home viewing and creating on TikTok, than reading through reams of text. According to a Forbes* survey, the average user spends 88% more time on a website with video.  

No matter what audience you’re targeting, film is a brilliant way to bring your story to life and in Higher Education,stories are fundamental – whether they’re about growth, knowledge, success, innovation, creativity, sustainability orchangemaking.  People feel inspired and engaged by the stories behind the stats.  

At Fresh Ground Films, we’ve worked with HE institutions, training centres and schools. All of our education clients have different goals and budgets so we take a bespoke approach to each project while drawing on our considerable experience in this dynamic sector.  

Here are some of the different types of education videos we create:

Student Recruitment Films 

Prospective students are more selective than ever, due to the financial investment and time commitment involved in choosing higher education degrees and courses. 

The best way to communicate the unique selling points of your HE institution is to let your existing students do it for you.   Recommendations are powerful and videos are consumers’ favourite type of content to see from a brand on social media according to an Animoto survey**. 

Peer recommendation is exactly what we used for the University of Exeter Business School.  Using our natural, hand-held filming style, we interviewed students outside on campus talking about their courses

We captured the excitement and enthusiasm of the students as they talked about the emphasis on real-world work experience and employability at Exeter Business School.  Our interviewees knew there was no pressure to deliver everything in one take and they appeared relaxed and at ease on camera as a result. We edited in b-roll footage that showed more of the students’ personalities for a relaxed, authentic feel. 

The backdrop of the campus showed the gorgeous surroundings they would be studying in. 

“I’ve especially appreciated the relaxed way (Ross) manages to capture interview material without the pressure that can come with a camera and microphone pointed at you! Every time I have been impressed with the final result and enjoyed the actual process.”

Fabrizio Nevola, Chair in Art History & Visual Culture

Discover more about our Exeter Business School film 

Staff Recruitment Films

When recruiting high calibre new employees, video allows you to give an intimate ‘peek behind the scenes’ into the atmosphere and culture of your organisation.  

Today’s job applicants want more than just a good salary, they want to work in a supportive, inspiring team and know that their employer’s values are closely aligned with their own. 

In our recruitment films for The Wellcome Centre at the University of Exeter, we conveyed a compelling sense of place and personality to attract prospective applicants.

We’re experts in discreet, undisruptive filming and this allowed us to shoot numerous interviews in a live working environment at The Wellcome Centre, in as short a period of time as possible.  

“Ross is incredible to work with. He is professional, creative, dynamic and takes the time to understand the end goal and then works closely with you to develop a concept/story for each film, specific to the brief.”

Chloe Whittaker – University of Exeter

The success of any film is in the results it achieves and this one must have worked because they filled every role with high-calibre candidates! Then commissioned us to create three more films…

Discover More about our Wellcome Centre film 

Showcasing ExcitinProjects

Our higher education clients launch some incredible initiatives and research projects with the power to improve people’s lives and inspire change.  It’s a privilege to help them share their brilliant work with the widest audience possible. 

We helped the University of Exeter promote their innovative “Hidden Cities” app which used modern technology to reveal the secrets of the past.

We filmed with minimal kit in the beautiful city of Florence, getting up close and personal to our subjects and the incredible architecture so that the audience felt like they were there with us.

Our documentary and app promo video successfully helped secure further funding for the next stage of this brilliantproject. A great result! 

Discover More about our Hidden Florence film 

*Forbes survey

** Animoto State of Social Video Trends survey

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