We love living and working in Devon: being close to the coast, surrounded by wildlife, and inspired by natural beauty. Our fondness for all these things makes us aware of the need to protect them, especially by considering our impact on the environment we cherish. This features as one of our core values, and underpins how we approach life and business - although we are always exploring new and better ways to behave sustainably.
As part of our aim to improve our own behaviours and educate others, we like to tell positive stories that promote social and community action. We love discovering local, sustainable businesses to champion through film, and we enjoy using nature scenes to ground our work in the things that matter most. We also recognise the positive role our environment can play on mental wellbeing, and we promote a healthy work/life balance - which definitely involves getting outside!
Whilst we are still exploring how to improve our behaviours, we are proud of the efforts we are currently making. We have committed to initiatives such as renewable energy for the office, and where possible we use public transport, cycling and walking. We minimise our use of printed materials, and browse with the search engine Ecosia, who use their profit to plant trees where they are needed most. We also have a passion for upcycling - reusing and recycling older materials into a new life, whether it’s using old scaffolding boards as a desk and shelving, or transitioning to slow fashion.
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