How can I make a video in lockdown?

Rumours are flying about the tier system, and how many (if any) lockdowns will happen in 2021. We are all trying to plan as best we can for our business needs, including having video production plans ready.

If your business planning includes making videos for your 2021 comeback, you might be wondering whether you be stuck making video yourself or whether you can book a video production company to take care of filming for you.

Image demonstrating professional video production in Devon.

Do you need video?

The first question on your mind might be ‘do I really need video’? If you’ve had to tighten your budgets, video can be one of the first things to go, and yet 2020 has been the biggest year for video! After lockdown cut organisations off from their audiences, video replaced live interaction, becoming the next best thing. Whether it’s for Covid policy updates, product demos, or infomercials, video is your best tool. And the trend isn’t stopping here.

More companies than ever are launching online platforms, resource centres, and investing in digital customer experience. This means video marketing isn’t going anywhere. 

Are you still unsure? The first thing you can do is go check out your competitors. If they’ve upped their video marketing game it’s a good sign you want to keep up with them. If they haven’t… it’s a good sign you should beat them to it! If it doesn’t already feature in your communications and marketing strategy, consider experimenting with video production to enhance your results.

You can still hire filmmakers in lockdown 2.0

Let’s get down to nitty gritty! How do you even make videos during a lockdown? In contrast to lockdown one in March, this time round many businesses are still allowed to operate. The rules for tier 2 (which includes Devon as of November 26th) are similar. They state ‘businesses and venues can continue to operate, in a COVID-Secure manner’. We’ve taken this guidance direct from the Government portal. This means filmmakers are still able to operate where reasonable covid policy is in place, such as appropriate PPE and social distancing.

Something you might want to consider is hiring local to reduce transmission between high and low risk areas. Fresh Ground Films serves Exeter businesses and businesses throughout Devon and the Southwest. This means there’s a top quality video production company in Exeter ready to help you out. We usually provide video production for the whole of the UK, and we’re looking forward to being able to do so again when government guidance recommends it.

So what does a safe video production covid policy look like?

For Fresh Ground Films it means we’re putting a robust Covid Safety Policy in place that includes:

  • All team members have undertaken ‘Coronavirus basic awareness on production’ training
  • Clients will be briefed on the tailored measures for their shoot in advance
  • Fresh Ground Film crew must carry out temperature checks prior to filming
  • Film crew should not attend shoots if they have a temperature or symptoms
  • Crew will travel separately to shoots to adhere to social distancing, and during shoots all participants must socially distance
  • A maximum of two crew to a shoot (a small but perfectly powerful number)
  • Our crew will wear PPE including gloves and face coverings
  • We ask clients not to handle our equipment to reduce transmission risk
  • Sound will now be recorded using overhead boom mics instead of lava mics attached to your collar

We work out the details with each of our clients, ensuring both parties are happy with arrangements. Then we get to business, creating our usual high quality cinematic videos for you. 

Image demonstrating video production and an interview taking place.

What does working with a video production company look like?

Here at Fresh Ground Films, we have 4 main steps to work with you to finalise your video production process:


This is when you get hold of us and ask what we can do to make your video stand out. We work with you to understand your needs, helping you refine your project if necessary, until we can create a bespoke quote. We also go through our Covid policy and yours, to ensure we’re in line with one another’s expectations.


If you decide we’re the best video production company for you, this is where the magic starts! Onboarding is where we work out the details of your project, supporting you with any processes you’re unfamiliar with like storyboarding. You will send us your final brief so we can get our creative hats on. We’ll also work together on a shoot schedule to keep everything running smoothly and efficiently.


The big shoot! Or shoots… it pays to gather as much video content as possible at a shoot, especially as lockdown rules fluctuate. This way you get enough footage for several projects, and enough b-roll (extra footage) to cut together for future projects potentially without needing to re-shoot. Excellent if you can’t get out of the house! When we arrive on the day, we will follow our and your Covid policies. We’ve found so far that with a bit of planning, this doesn’t impact your filming experience at all. There is usually some distance between the subject and the camera operator anyway, and our team can set up equipment and help direct you on arranging props and subjects without any physical interaction. 


Once the shoot is wrapped, we head off to get started on editing, following the creative direction you set in the onboarding process. We’re able to produce your video to all the various media formats you might need. This takes into consideration that the best video sizes across social media are different. Platforms like Instagram even have several different size options! If you need one video for several platforms, we make sure it will look good on all of them.

We’re also dab hands at adding creative graphics and stock footage to get your key messages across with impact. Adding subtitles is also important to ensure your video is accessible by more people. One of the most important and underrated aspects of video is music and making sure your backing track enhances rather than detracts from your message. With a huge library of music, we’re able to select the best tunes for your video, and offer alternatives if you want options.


Using industry leading platform Vimeo, we make the delivery process easy. Vimeo allows you to view video drafts and make real-time comments on the footage. This ensures the final package is exactly (if not more than!) what you hoped for. 

If you don’t want to work with a video production company right now, how do you make the most of the home experience?

Getting your own footage from home doesn’t have to be a chore! In fact there are several easy tips you can follow to improve your footage immediately. We wrote an entire blog post detailing exactly how to level up your home filming skills. If there’s anything you want to ask about specifically, give us a call or get in touch.

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