Fresh Ground Films Coronavirus: Covid-19 social distancing filming policy


Fresh Ground Films are now resuming filming safely under a new Coronavirus health and safety policy. We will be following these guidelines in order to comply with the government’s social distancing recommendations to protect the health of our clients, staff, and filming participants, and to support the national effort to prevent the spread of the virus.

Coronavirus Awareness

All crew have undertaken the Screen Skills ‘Coronavirus basic awareness on production training’ course.


Pre, Post-Production & Editing 

Working from home

Our office will remain closed and our team will continue to work from home for all pre and post-production activities.




Covid-19 filming procedures must be emailed to clients and filming participants in advance of the shoot.


Clients must send agreed filming schedule to Fresh Ground Films in advance of the shoot.

Temperature checks

Crew must carry out temperature checks before filming and must not attend if they show symptoms of either a new dry cough or a fever/temperature.

Travel procedures

All members of the production team will drive, cycle or walk to shoots. Team members must travel in separate cars in order to maintain social distancing. Where public transport needs to be used, social distancing must be maintained, where possible, and face coverings must be warn.

Crew numbers

A maximum of two crew members will be allowed on shoots.

Social distance filming procedures

When carrying out filming, a social distance of 2 meters must be maintained between the crew and clients/filming participants, at all times. When filming indoors larger rooms must be used where social distancing is possible. With as few people inside as possible at any one time.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Face coverings and gloves must be worn by crew members at all times when filming indoors, and outdoors, on-site at client request.

Hand washing and sanitiser gel

Regular hand washing will be carried out by crew. Alcohol-based hand sanitiser will supplied where hand washing is not possible. 

Cross contamination

Crew must not accept drinks or food from clients or film participants. Clients and participants must not touch the filming equipment or help carry the kit bags. Where possible, only the camera operator will handle/carry kit. Where kit does need to be handled by the director, eg when carrying the tripod outside, surgical gloves must be worn.

Use of microphones

All sound will now be recorded using overhead boom mics. Mics will be mounted on stands and put into position whilst maintaining social distancing. In the rare instance of personal microphones being used (eg for windy scenarios or walking and talking shots) personal mics must be disinfected and placed on the ground or table for the participants to collect and put on themselves.

Make up

Crew will no longer be able to supply or apply make-up to filming participants. Where possible, participants will supply with own make up (powder to reduce shine). Where make up is not available, a powder and brush may be ordered online for the participants in advance of the shoot.

Filming with participants who are at higher risk from Covid-19

Filming with participants who are deemed ‘vulnerable’ to Coronavirus (older people, pregnant women and those with health conditions) can only be undertaken outside, maintaining a safe 2m distance between the participants and the crew.



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